1. Never doing shrooms again! Started the night with my friend by the river and ended up alone in my bed stuck
    Tripping in a deep dark hole of sadness. & now my friend is pissed at me and won’t talk to me. Shit was intense. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜’πŸ„


  2. stoneyxochi:

    I just want to feel special. and I want to feel pretty. and I don’t know why we need other people to make us feel this way. but I miss knowing that there was someone there that was all about me.

    Still relevant

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  3. bleezyandabop:

    Summer days ;) excuse my naps

    Me 2 years ago. When I used to not care if I had makeup on or not. Crazy how time flies


  4. The more my mind opens the more closed my heart becomes.

  5. My new roomie has a kitty. 😻


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  8. Rosario Dawson

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  9. The fact that the new sitcom on ABC is called β€œblack-ish” is upsetting. The family lives in LA and is rich so of course them having good taste and baking chicken rather than frying it makes then not all the way black, but β€œblack-ish.” Not only is the name offensive and ignorant but this is the only black show on ABC, so of course “black-ish” is the only fitting title to assign it right?! So is it okay to name a show “white-ish” or what? Wow, America. Go home, you’re drunk.


  10. reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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  11. Hello, hey, hi, how ya durn?


  12. Never fear, dont be sad, when in doubt Beer is here! 🍻🍺😏


  13. Blah

  14. My love, Kitty bae.