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  3. Rosario Dawson

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  4. The fact that the new sitcom on ABC is called “black-ish” is upsetting. The family lives in LA and is rich so of course them having good taste and baking chicken rather than frying it makes then not all the way black, but “black-ish.” Not only is the name offensive and ignorant but this is the only black show on ABC, so of course “black-ish” is the only fitting title to assign it right?! So is it okay to name a show “white-ish” or what? Wow, America. Go home, you’re drunk.


  5. reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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  6. Hello, hey, hi, how ya durn?


  7. Never fear, dont be sad, when in doubt Beer is here! 🍻🍺😏


  8. Blah

  9. My love, Kitty bae.

  11. Word.

  12. Hilltop adventures. ✌


  13. But who are you to judge?


  14. Me trying to flirt with my worker*Him: hi
    Me: hey look at you all dressed for the day.
    Him:*blank stare*
    Me: you got your jacket on and your jeans on.
    Him:*blank stare*
    LOL am I awkward or no